Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Fruit Favorites

What’s your favorite fruit?

I know it is a hard question to answer during this time of year!  I have quite the list of fruits that I love but I do have a favorite. 

I was raised eating fresh fruit and vegetables thanks to my Oma and Papa.  My grandparents run a fruit stand in CA (where I grew up) so our house was (and still is) always full of different varieties or fresh produce.  I loved it!  I would even go to the fruit stand and work some summers so that is pretty much all I ate some day.  I would graze (and work =)) all day on strawberries, tomatoes, peaches, you name it, I ate it!  I am so thankful that my Mom taught my brother and me to love fresh produce.  There are many parents that do not introduce produce to their children. So when they learn they should be getting a certain amount of severings a day, it comes as a shock.

My all time favorite fruit is strawberries!  It is a tough decision to make with so many choices out there. =)  I will say that peaches come in a close second.   My list pretty much goes like this…

Strawberries (They go with so many things and can be worked into a lot of different recipes.  They are best with a dollop of Nutella though!)

Peaches (Close close second! I LOVE peach cobbler.  I also love a cut up peach with just a sprinkle of cinnamon.)

Yellow Nectarines (Ripe, juicy ones are the best!!)

Cherries (LOVE cherries but truth be told, they are just a pain to eat sometimes.  I hate having to get a bowl and then something to spit the pits into. Lazy much?)

Pineapple (Fresh and delicious! I love it diced up on kabobs.)

Apples (I eat these pretty much year round so out of all of the fruits listed I probably eat these the most.)

Grapes (Green or purple will do.  Great on the go.)

Watermelon (Refreshing!)

Banana (Let me be honest, I only eat bananas because they are good for you as well as convenient.)

There you have it!  

So, what is your favorite fruit?

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