Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dill Crusted Salmon

Salmon is not something that I eat but the hubby loves it. Being the BEST wife ever, I make it for him every now and then! =)

Salmon Fun Facts…
  • All salmon die after reproducing.
  • Steelheads can have multiple spawn cycles in their life time.
  • Salmon are one of the few creatures that can live part of their life in freshwater and the other in saltwater.
  • Salmon find their home waters by sense of smell.  They also rely on ocean currents, tides and the gravitational pull of the moon to navigate back to the water they were born.
  • Chinook salmon are the largest Pacific salmon – some can grow to be over 100 pounds.
  • In Washington, pink salmon runs only occur in odd-numbered years.
  • Over half of the salmon at grocery stores are from salmon farms.
  • Chile and Norway are the two largest salmon farming countries.
  • Salmon on average produce 2,500-7,000 eggs.
  • Salmon can jump 2 meters into the air when swimming upstream.
  • During times of reproduction, salmon do not eat food.

You like that?  I have never done “fun facts” but I thought now would be a good time to start, being that I don’t know anything about fish.

Unfortunately, I am not a fish person.  I say unfortunately because I really wish that I did like fish.  It is so healthy and light and would make my menus a little interesting.  I get sick of chicken, beef and pork…how could you not when that is all you eat every week for dinner.  Anyway, I do make fish and seafood every now and then for the hubbs.  He LOVES seafood! 

This may sound odd but I am trying to make myself like fish.  I recently bought some halibut and mahi-mahi since they are the milder of the fish out there.  I have tried both of them and they were just okay so I am hoping that the more I eat them, the better I will like them.  Haha…I will let you know how this whole forcing myself to like something works.

I usually get a little fancier with my fish recipes than this but it was easy so I went with it.


Salmon (6oz)
1 t. butter


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
Line a baking pan with foil (this way it is super simple to clean).
Place salmon in center and season with salt and pepper to your liking.
Sprinkle generously with dill and press lightly on salmon.
Place butter on top of the salmon.
Bake until done to your liking (about 15ish minutes).

Obviously, if you do not like dill you will not like this recipe but it might be just as tasty with some other spices.  I didn’t try any (seafood hater here) but hubbs said it tasted pretty good.  I will cut back on the dill a bit next time though.  Overall, I was pretty happy with this simple salmon recipe! 


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